How does everyone here make money?

2021.09.27 06:27 BigWhaleOfficial How does everyone here make money?

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2021.09.27 06:27 doomrider666 [USA-PA] [W] DJI Mini 2 [H] PayPal, Nintendo Switch

Title says it. Looking for a decent deal on a DJI Mini 2.. let me know what you got!
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2021.09.27 06:27 sneaky_squid78 23 F Can't sleep

Hiiii. I'm 23 and I'm from the US. I love animals and have 2 cats and 1 doggo. In my free time I watch Hulu or listen to music. Hmu if you would like to chat :)
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2021.09.27 06:27 SiliconeMallard If you were to commit murder and could blame it on anyone else in the world, and everyone would believe it, who would you murder and who would you blame?

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2021.09.27 06:27 gringacho08 My snatcha boy is coming along!

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2021.09.27 06:27 JeniDownAndAwayPod ?

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2021.09.27 06:27 Shelbs_Incarnate Super broke

Hey guys I’m broke as shit in eso Throw a dog a bone here . Yes I’m asking for gold thanks a lot
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2021.09.27 06:27 planedumbo funneee

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2021.09.27 06:27 evolvedevlove Signal is down

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2021.09.27 06:27 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.27 06:27 collin51392 Sign I saw on my way out of the Louder than Life music festival. Despite this sign, I saw many people crowdsurfing.

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2021.09.27 06:27 MajorRasta Dauntless How To Fight Phaelanx + All Valve Locations 1.7.5

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2021.09.27 06:27 Stockbrokercash My investments haven't moved all week end & you heard of the calm before the storm?

My investments haven't moved all week end & you heard of the calm before the storm? I just want to point this out because I own doge and AMC but much heavier on AMC. This is the first week end when ever I looked it was basically the same. I am Thinking this is the calm before the storm fellas. Something is not right.. Anyone else feeling like this.?
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2021.09.27 06:27 100013192746623 Lizbeth Velazquez

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2021.09.27 06:27 laweenhamza Best Units on the Good Side?

Hey y'all, I was wondering what are the best units to invest in for my armies. I have noticed that some units have significantly lower stats than other units of the same tier.
I personally invested in knights tier 2. They're expensive but they have great amount of HP and a fair amount of Damage.
What are the best units to invest in? Is quantity better than quality? Is variety in the army good?
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2021.09.27 06:27 minime_stellarboop Marmite and Nutella are better bread spreads than PB was or ever will be

It’s just the fact.
It’s way better to satisfy a craving with a savory saltiness punch of Marmite or Vegemite + other toppings, or to indulge in a rich and decadent taste of Nutella.
Yes, PB is patriotic and cheap and it fed the troops in both World Wars, blah blah.
But it’s barely “creamy” (it literally has no dairy, so the words you’re looking for are “gooey/rich”), and it sticks to the roof of your mouth whenever you eat it.
In fact, salted peanuts by themselves are vastly superior to this spreadable abomination.
Nobody else in the world finds it delectable, just us. Not because it’s good - but because it’s a childhood habit.
signed, a PB hating patriot
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2021.09.27 06:27 Paper-Cup Blursed_Mario

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2021.09.27 06:27 corcillum Desperately wanted Emily the bat for some time now and finally found her… I love Halloween

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2021.09.27 06:27 opcoupon 23% off >> $85.92>> HBX 16886 1/14 4WD RC Car Banggood Coupon Promo Code - Coupon Codes and Deals |

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2021.09.27 06:27 barryho 34 [M4F] Ohio/anywhere - Pssssst.. hey.. HEYYYYY!

Hi there, I'm Bear, Yes that is my name! I'm not particularly handsome, rich or smart. I am however full of love and I would be willing to share said love with you if we were to hit it off.
I am divorced, no children and coming out of a toxic marriage that had taken a pretty big toll on me emotionally and physically. However, I'm doing wonderful now and do not hold any ill will towards my ex. Mental health issues sometimes push us to be people we normally wouldn't be otherwise and I truly hope she comes to terms with her issues and takes treatment seriously.
Over the last year I have been on a journey of self discovery and betterment.
I work in the gaming industry remotely as a community manager. I love my job and the freedom it gives me. Willing to relocate one day if we hit it off.
I have met some really nice people while posting in the R4R subs!(minus the lady that went out of her way to tell me that I'am unattractive and overweight. HA!)
I haven't found the perfect click yet I don't think. Is it you? I am in no rush, lets learn about each other and see where it goes. The perfect person may not even be on reddit. Just in case you are, "sup girlllllll!?
Random facts about me:
I love Travel and the outdoors. I am currently
I spent a year in Alaska teaching a computer class to the Inuit community in Juneua.
I just started doing Cross fit and I love it so far. I start regularly scheduled WODS tomorrow!
I think the measure of a person is not whether or not they make mistake but how they react after the mistake has been made.
I love thrifting and finding treasures!
If you would play board games with me my heart would melt!
I'm a huge history and architecture nerd!
Museums and weird roadside attractions excite me way more than they probably should.
I may text you random things that make me think of you or a dumb thought I had randomly and probably at a weird time of the day.
I can juggle.
I am a bit of a hopeless romantic, you may find random sticky notes from me all over the house.
I'm relatively tall at 6'0.
I believe honesty is everything in a relationship and there is nothing we can't fix with communication and understand.
I'm super open minded and accepting, never be afraid to tell me anything. Unless you put ketchup on steak, then you should go sit in the corner and think about the decisions you have made in life that lead you to be the way you are. (I'm kidding.. kinda)
I love listening and will lean on your every word while you tell me a funny story or complain about work. Once I am comfortable I may never shut up. haha
I have 3 dogs and a cat. I used to have a opossum, a goat, a horse and guinea pigs!
About you: Looks aren't really an important thing to me, I of course so level of attraction is needed but it is not the end all be all. I do have a soft spot in my heart for short girls with glasses though! haha
You should be fun and not expect me to put in all the effort to keep the conversation going. That is very tiring. I want you to be every bit as excited as I am to learn about me as I am about you.
You should be open minded and willing to try new things!
You should enjoy travel as it is something I am planning on doing and I would love to have you by my side. I have big plans and I would love a cheerleader and best friend to share them with!
You should send me a message and get to know me!
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2021.09.27 06:27 These_Elk_6046 What to do about roommate

I’m a freshman in college and have been having issues with my roommate for a few weeks now. At first it was just annoying, but it’s started to worry me a lot more recently. She talks behind everyone’s back more than anyone I’ve ever met. This wouldn’t be to bad except for the fact that I believe she’s really good at manipulating people. She also gets extremely aggressive when things do not go her way, which is worrying because she’s made a lot of bad decisions lately which are going to come back to bite her sooner or later. I don’t want to be mean be also seems really unstable. I’m not saying this to be judgy, I’m just worried that she might do something really dangerous without warning. I really don’t know what to do, she hasn’t actually done anything terrible, but it seems inevitable that something will go really wrong in the next month. I don’t really plan on going to the RA, but if push comes to shove, she’s managed to convince the whole floor that she’s super nice, so they will probably take her side.(this is amazing because she says horrible stuff about most of these people when there not around). I’m not usually sensitive or the type of person who freaks out because someone’s a little bit mean or gets angry, but this has me worried. Also the bad decision I mentioned earlier might also be keeping her from acting worse than she would be otherwise. So if it doesn’t end up working as she planned, which is what will probably happen, not only will she potentially do something bad because she’s upset, but she might also lose one of the only reasons for her to behave.(I know this probably sounds weird but it’s so specific to her that I can’t write it down). I really can’t stand living with her, I worry about falling asleep before she comes back to our dorm at night because I worry that she’ll do something and I don’t feel comfortable for leaving my room for long periods of time because I’m worried she’ll go though my stuff. This isn’t just me worrying, in fact, a few people I knew from before college who know the whole story agree that I should be worried and some even think I should be more worried. I really don’t know what to do, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thanks!
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2021.09.27 06:27 secondincommando has anyone found that volume eating has actually increased their appetite ?

TLDR; has anyone found that volume eating 'stretched their stomach', either literally, or in the sense of creating a larger appetite.
hey guys bit of an anecdote first followed by a question.
Recently I took a break from volume eating when I moved home to my parents house for a month. I will preface that Ive been putting back some serious volume for about 18 months now, using all the hacks out there (lots of shirtaki noodles, halo top, and other diet foods engineered to be super low cal for instance).
During my time at home we ate most of our meals as a family, and most of them were not volume-friendly (high fat content, stodgy carbs etc), and so I had to readjust my portion sizes to stay within my calorie goals. While originally (for the first couple weeks) i found it difficult, and was unable to be satisfied with the smaller volume of food despite it being higher calories, I found that my appetite adjusted; i.e, started to feel full off of my maintenance calories even without the crazy volume. I have since returned to volume eating, but actually found it very difficult and unappealing - the portions i required before the break make me feel sick now, even though i am back to eating higher volume lower calorie foods. I have had to abandon lots of the volume to actually meet my macronutrients.
All this to say, it got me wondering about volume eating as a long term strategy. I guess I had just assumed my appetite was always going to be very large, as I had always been overweight, and that wasnt something that could change. And for sure, volume eating was the number 1 tool which helped me achieve the body I had always wanted, without feeling deprived. But I guess what im wondering, is anyone else has found that long term volume eating 'stretches your stomach', either physiologically or in a more psychological-appetite sense? Is there any science out there on the long term effects of very high volume diets?
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2021.09.27 06:27 Positive-Bread-8605 Dm for incest fantasies

Anyone wanna talk about their cousins, and if you got their topless pics, dm me we can show them to each other with full privacy and trust.
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2021.09.27 06:27 binario42 005

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2021.09.27 06:27 SanFranJon Price Prediction for this week. (Friday close)

Ps: do not take this as investment advice, do your own due diligence.
View Poll
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