Face Tracking On Android?

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2021.10.16 03:43 Deltoxix Face Tracking On Android?

I know that Apple/IOS has it but what about Android? Android does have facial recognition and was wondering if Android could get it too?
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2021.10.16 03:43 Estoye “The Eternals: The Complete Collection” by Jack Kirby + Coconut Curry Beef over Rice

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2021.10.16 03:43 ikeadesu My handsome boy scruffy.

My handsome boy scruffy. submitted by ikeadesu to cats [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 03:43 Kiro-Bot party audio pops and crackles while streaming with friend on Xbox

Me and my friend have been trying out streaming we usually just do it from his account but when I review the videos to archive them the audio on my end sounds distorted and poppy is there any way I can fix this its on xbox if that helps
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2021.10.16 03:43 WorldTree_Official 2021 Virtual Mars Society Convention

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2021.10.16 03:43 eskkrima his eyes are open but i can’t tell if he’s awake

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2021.10.16 03:43 NewsElfForEnterprise Levi Strauss Bullish on Next-Gen Retail

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2021.10.16 03:43 PatCybernaut WHATS.UP.JERKSSSS

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2021.10.16 03:43 LakerFan03br Jimmy Garoppolo trade ideas ?

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2021.10.16 03:43 BlueNoYellowAhhhhhhh Pemaquid Lighthouse ME with the Milkyway

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2021.10.16 03:43 ben81PRO Watch "China conducts aerial drills in South China Sea after issuing Taiwan threat #shorts" on YouTube

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2021.10.16 03:43 thenewstampede Can somebody explain the phrase "Mieux vaut ne pas s'y" ?

This comes from Stromae's new song "Santé".
He says:

Frotter, frotter, Mieux vaut ne pas s’y Frotter, frotter. Si tu n’me connais pas.
What does "Mieux vaut ne pas s'y" mean ? What is the pronoun 'y' replacing here ?
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2021.10.16 03:43 Fazzy1479 Here's some Juice pfps for you lot

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2021.10.16 03:43 brioloogy RBT working at a school district hired through Sunbelt Staffing Agency

Hi! I’m currently an RBT for a private company in CA. Im tired of driving and so I started looking into working for a school district. This staffing agency currently put my name in for two school districts. I was wondering if anyone has any experience being contracted through a staffing agency? Also, if you have any experience with this specific one? I was always under the impression that school RBT’s made more but they’re offering me $3 less than what I currently make ($18 to $15 full benefits at both). I’m just looking for more insight to help make a better decision!
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2021.10.16 03:43 420MoneyMan420 Why aint anybody talkin bout how good of a week blrx had?

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2021.10.16 03:43 ceverson70 Best place to order graphic novels

I was seeing instocktrades is slow these days. Any other good places to order from?
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2021.10.16 03:43 -not-my-account- Russel Brand big oof

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2021.10.16 03:43 SovietCanuck1945 Sooooo I'm doing at thing

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2021.10.16 03:43 Fancy-Commission-598 It ain't much

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2021.10.16 03:43 LostWinters My batmobile is no longer in my inventory

I bought the batmobile a couple years ago and I checked today and it’s no longer in my inventory can someone please help/explain what happened
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2021.10.16 03:43 TheBionicMexican Trying something new

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2021.10.16 03:43 BothJudgment9 Black Tulips

I have 39 black tulips up for grabs.
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2021.10.16 03:43 pickingeights 19 [m4m] Boston looking for bottoms any age

Bottoms message
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2021.10.16 03:43 concrete__jungle Friday Church - Rich GR III

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