Does anyone have a factual response to: "the vaccinated cause variants/mutations and we cant reach herd immunity if an X amount of people aren't vaccinated."

2021.12.08 02:56 a_distantmemory Does anyone have a factual response to: "the vaccinated cause variants/mutations and we cant reach herd immunity if an X amount of people aren't vaccinated."

First off, I am against this vaccine. I am terrible at debating. My boyfriend got the vaccine. He is not super adamant about being for or against it. He just did what a ton of others did sadly. He doesn't force me to do anything with the vaccine and vice versa. But he knows I am very much against it.
When I tried to tell him it doesn't make sense as to why people have such strong negative emotions towards unvaccinated, he mentioned that people's response is usually herd immunity cannot be achieved if an X amount of people aren't vaccinated.
Does anyone have any sources of vaccines causing mutations or more variants vs unvaccinated. And also a source for the herd immunity argument? Sources that are more known to the public - vs someone like Geert Van Bossche (who yes I believe) but if I were to try and get someone to "see the light" on all this. Its not my boyfriend. He is just pretty much playing devils advocate when I say these thigns.
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2021.12.08 02:56 fractal_storms How feasible is the switch to Ms/PhD CS program during your MS CS?

Hello folks, I'm a prospective student, and I came across this on the graduate information page of UMass here:
It's written "Some students discover an interest in computer science research and apply to the MS/PhD track during their MS program."
Since I am not sure about pursuing a PhD, I find this option very intriguing, as there maybe a case where I'd wanna switch to Ms/PhD. So can anyone tell me how many students switch? And how feasible is this?
PS: I have emailed UMass as well, yet to hear back
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2021.12.08 02:56 ladyenvy13 [Ember]Demon

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2021.12.08 02:56 Happaynappay One is on my foot, and the other is on the lookout in case I try to escape

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2021.12.08 02:56 willybbb99999 SSR - short selling restriction.

When ticker is under SSR, is indicated anywhere in Edge IQ or questrade’s webpages?
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2021.12.08 02:56 Better_Teaching6697 🎄 Cute Santa | 1000x potential 🚀 | Just Launched | Experienced Team | 7% DOGE rewards 🎁 | Anti-Whale | Dont Miss out !!!

What is Cute Santa?

Cute Santa is a reward token. Every 60 minutes, DOGE dividends will be sent to your wallet, if you hold at least 200,000 tokens. You can also manually claim your dividends in the main contract. Also each transaction you make will automatically claim your dividends. The longer you hold the more you earn!
A max wallet of 3% and max transaction of 1% allows us to prevent big wallets and dumps. The initial liquidity will be locked for several months into the deepest of the deepest locks and will be below 5 BNB so this token has the chance to go absolutely parabolic!

1,000,000,000 Total supply
3% max wallet to prevent whales
1% max tx to prevent dumps

Tax 10% for buy & sell:
7% in DOGE reward
1% to locked liquidity pool
2***% to marketing and buyback***
Slippage is ~ 10-12%

Contract: 0x5164a75e86403867d9863104b69c7d69c942d9dd
Buy Now:
Liquidty locked for 3 years:
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2021.12.08 02:56 ano-nomous M3 Group Stage Day 3 | MLBB World Championship 2021 | Singapore

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2021.12.08 02:56 Pleasant_Brief Moderate democrats are shifting to defend and support their more progressive colleagues. Is this shift for the good and why?

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2021.12.08 02:56 Ok-Sorta-6698 22[M] Canadian lad who is bored looking for some chit [chat]

Helllllllloooooooo humans it’s 1 am and I’m bored anyone tryna chat a lil tell me about anythinggg they’d want I don’t judge soooooooo feel free to dm and we can chat and see how it goes I wonder how long I can ramble for before you send me a dm already come on I’m bored as heck
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2021.12.08 02:56 TheDefinitionOfKek Does anyone know where this deep yelling voice sound effect comes from? A favorite YouTuber of mine uses it and I've been dying to know its' origin
It's the deep voice sound at 10:15. I don't know where to even find it, but I've tried anyways to no avail.
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2021.12.08 02:56 Dinu_1998 Test

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2021.12.08 02:56 depparTx Dragon Koi Tattoo, color, b&g or lines only available 4x4

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2021.12.08 02:56 stumpy2121 'Fifty shades of beige' Grant Roertson gives Christopher Luxon his induction roasting

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2021.12.08 02:56 aaronhowser1 An interesting part of Nomai culture that I don't see talked about very often

The Nomai tend to personify basically everything. Brittle Hollow "doesn’t appear eager to have guests," the Quantum Moon is called "shy and playful, is friends with Hollow's Lantern, and welcomes its visitors at the south pole, the Eye of the Universe is said to have called out to the Nomai, who talk about why it would calling to them, and what its intentions could be, and so on.
There's plenty more examples of this, but those are the only ones I could remember off the top of my head. This also may play into why they're so strongly against hurting nature, and their fascination with discovery.
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2021.12.08 02:56 cookingandcraft Silent Valley National Park.

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2021.12.08 02:56 WinterFrostFox Anyone order from Mozfigure? (I preorder A2 Resin Statue)

I have placed preorder for A2 resin statue from there, That i think kinda sus but I wonder if actually legit. I cant find much info about them however I did found their taobao site and it rank pretty good. Though only thing I found relate back the website is Mozfigure brand from warehouse pictures on taobao. I use paypal to pay so anything happens I could dispute it.
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2021.12.08 02:56 HoneyCruller_ What is the most messed up thing from your childhood that stuck with you till adulthood that your parents/guardians said or did ?

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2021.12.08 02:56 ShruchWroiags NEW moonshot launch in 2 days!!| I think that this meme coin can explode this weekend | Know it | 15 BNB in liquidity and Locked for 7 months

ElegantDoge $EDOGE This is an early project and an get x50 minimum. You need to know it this week. Here’s some information about the $EDOGE Token. Sale is on December 10th, 2021 14:00 UTC We are hosting our Fairlaunch on PancakeSwap V2 (PUBLIC SALE) Initial liquidity is 15BNB Max Buy: 0.6 BNB at start. Min Buy: Dont have Min Buy. Liquidity is locked for 12 Months. Sale Rate 1 BNB = 920.000.000.000 $EDOGE Our Tokenomics are: 50% Public Fairlaunch 2.5% NFT Creation and MEME competitions 40% Burn 2.5% Team wallet 5% Airdrop 📄 Here’s our Contract address : 0xa0B97E2C7c320bD61A325A159296924b741F4C56 What's the plan after launching? Its all about MARKETING and getting Listed on CMC & CG and the DEXTOOLS trending. We got that sorted, expecting to get listed on the same day on CG & CMC or not more than 48 hours alongside with DEXTOOL trending. 🍱 For more info please visit the socials 🍱 🌍 Website: 🕊 Twitter: PancakeSwap : LP Locked : Ownership Renounced :
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2021.12.08 02:56 Brithen66 Smokey thinks he’s too fancy to drink from a bowl of water!

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2021.12.08 02:56 Barracuda-19 Does the recap include music streamed on sonos because i have definetly listened for more minutes

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2021.12.08 02:56 DivineBeast122 Can you gain stamps towards a research breakthrough when you obtained your previous breakthrough rewards but didn’t catch the Pokémon?

Title. I like to have my research breakthroughs on Monday’s since it lines up with adventure sync and my 7 day streaks, but I missed a day and am paranoid about finishing research tasks to keep the balance inconsistent. Is there a way to gain stamps towards the breakthrough without actually catching the Pokémon? I don’t know how this works.
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2021.12.08 02:56 PikaPlay1069 MY COOL CONCEPT WILL NOT BE SILENCED

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2021.12.08 02:56 Sequ0ia270 sleeping

Is there any point to wait out the days? Or even have multi-day seasons? I've been playing realtime and I get my daily work done before noon generally. Additionally during some of the off-season days I just sleep straight through to get to planting/harvest time. Is there any reason I shouldn't just be sleeping away?
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2021.12.08 02:56 SnoopBlade Have I violated the NAP by promoting ideas that are inherently NAP-incompatible like democracy, statism, etc.?

I think Hoppe believed that promoters of any idea, even if the promotion took place on their own property, that wasn’t libertarian should be forcefully exiled from the community incapacitating them from violating the NAP of others, I imagine his logic was that even if indirectly, it results in a violation, it is wrong and retaliation through expulsion is justified. What do u guys think of this?
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2021.12.08 02:56 menotyoutoo How to use email verification only on some accounts registrations (ie admin signup requires email verification, a general user does not)?

I have a site that currently only allows content admins to register and they are required to verify their email address so we have ' implements MustVerifyEmail' on the user model and this works well. However we are now allowing the general public to register as well and we don't want these users to get the email verification email, or need to verify their email at all.
How do I make the email verification only required for some user roles & not others? They register through a different form that goes to different controller actions so is there something I can put in the controller action to disable the email verification email being sent for regular users?
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