[Actives] I shared my octopus mycology glass tank a couple weeks ago; this is how the new set up is looking like :)

2021.12.08 02:28 prodajeet [Actives] I shared my octopus mycology glass tank a couple weeks ago; this is how the new set up is looking like :)

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2021.12.08 02:28 beanzrod All four weekly ultimate's don't really jive together

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2021.12.08 02:28 shittercrittersmama Cockroach swindled my late MIL

BACKGROUND: In July 2020, my husband's brother very unexpectedly died at 40 years old. Six days later his mother died, also unexpectedly. The deaths were unrelated and not due to COVID. We found ourselves in an extended time of extreme grief as we laid them both to rest over a two week period. His mother did not have a will, we found out. She had a small life insurance policy for 10k that covered her service, cremation, and burial. We were really thankful for that.
A little about my MIL - She worked at the same job for 25+ years and had a retirement plan through Fidelity. She had a live-in boyfriend for 4 years and he was still with her at the time of her death. Due to not having a will, my husband inherited her home (ie: her mortgage). It's not in great condition and needs quite a bit of work, which we didn't realize until it was his to handle. After all the paperwork was completed and filed (affidavit of heirship), we owed 10k on the mortgage to catch it up - as we found out, there is no pause button on a mortgage when someone dies. We paid it and have continued paying it to stay current. My uncle is now living there and he is paying us the mortgage each month as rent, so I guess we aren't upside down on it, but it sure feels like it since we can't afford to fix it up much (we have a mortgage of our own).
A little about my MIL's boyfriend: They were together 4 years. They met online. He moved in to her home within the first year. Both had jobs. She died July 2020, and my husband and I went down to his mom's house in October 2020, to find it empty. We spoke to the neighbors and found out boyfriend had moved out 2 weeks prior. When MIL died, we had spoken to boyfriend about selling the house to him, and he said he wanted it. We touched base with him early November 2020 about the move and confusion regarding him wanting to buy the house. He confirmed he had moved in with a friend and had been meaning to tell us. We inquired about the 3 months of mortgage payment he was supposed to give us (as agreed to when he said he wanted to stay in the house). He claimed he was too broke due to having to evacuate for hurricanes. We let it go, as we were still very much grieving and were overwhelmed with a million other things.
A little about Fidelity: We started trying to handle MIL's estate in January 2021 - got the car and home settled quickly, but for some reason, Fidelity was giving us a very hard time. We sent in all the info they requested - death certificates, affidavits, etc. Then they stopped talking to us. Our attorney was having a terrible time as well. We started speaking to various family members, including boyfriend, to see if they'd received any paperwork. Maybe my husband and his late brother weren't the beneficiaries to her retirement? We certainly didn't think that was likely, as my MIL had them listed on literally everything else. But we asked around, and everyone confirmed they'd received nothing. It'd been a nightmare of a battle to get them to talk to us. After our attorney filed a complaint with the SEC, they finally replied with a 2 line letter stating my husband was not a beneficiary. It made no sense to us. So we asked around again, because there were very few people in my MIL's life that she would have left it to. Everyone told us the same - nothing from Fidelity. We just asked that if anyone got any info from them to let us know, so we could stop paying our attorney to look into it - everyone said they would. At this point, we (attorney included) were relatively convinced that it was retaliation for our attorney making a formal complaint and that Fidelity was making it as hard as possible. We dealt with this for months.
Which brings me to today.
I drove the 2 hours to get pest control set up and MIL's house evaluated for termites. While there, I happen upon a letter addressed to boyfriend, from Fidelity, dated January 2021. Should I have opened it? No. But I did. It was a benefits claim form for her retirement account. She left everything to him, her common-law husband, as she had him listed. I called Fidelity and confirmed that the balance was zeroed out and closed. She was able to speak to me because I had the reference number and the beneficiary's name. That's well and good - it's not about the money and she could absolutely list whomever she wanted. It was for about 100k+ we think.
Here's a few more things and a timeline for boyfriend: July 2020 - MIL dies; October 2020 - we find out boyfriend has moved out, having not paid a drop of the mortgage for the house he said he intended to buy, and moves in with high school flame (we found this out much later); May 2021 - boyfriend's mom dies and my husband and I attend funeral. We ask about him receiving anything from Fidelity and he again tells us he's not received a thing, we tell him what a nightmare it's been, and that all we want is closure so we can move into the next phase of grieving my husband's brother who died 6 days before their mom (my MIL). We DO take note that he's driving a new truck; August 2021 - boyfriend and flame go on a cruise he says they've had planned for a year, which means it was planned a month after my MIL - "the love of his life" - died. Boyfriend gets engaged to flame on this cruise. They very soon after buy a house;
My husband and I thought it was sketch as hell when everything happened in August 2021. I'm not mad about the money going to him - though I absolutely think it was a terribly poor choice on my MIL's part. What REALLY grinds my gears is watching my husband suffer for months on end unnecessarily, trying to get to the bottom of the Fideility issue, hemorrhaging money paying for a lawyer, and continually reopening a wound of grief....only to find out that the lowlife, cockroach boyfriend didn't have enough respect for my MIL and her remaining son to at least TELL him that he'd been named beneficiary and that we could stop trying to figure out what we thought was an issue with Fidelity. We could have put it to rest a long time ago. Boyfriend is an absolute piece of garbage, and I hope karma finds him in a terrible way. My husband and I both think boyfriend manipulated her to make him beneficiary at some point - his timeline doesn't make sense for a guy who's grieving. You don't plan a cruise with a new woman a month after your common-law wife dies unless you detached a long time ago and had a side piece well before.
Decent folks don't let people suffer like that if they don't have to. My MIL would be so ashamed of how things have shaken out. I'm just so glad she died thinking he was a stand up guy, instead of finding out how much of a POS he is, hurting her son like that (by "that", I mean emotionally - again, not about the money). That would have left her heartbroken.
Thanks for reading. This is why I hate people.
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2021.12.08 02:28 KaeroMTG Epiphany Killer Mono White

Hello mtg! I spent the last couple weeks playing Mono Black Control with about a 57% win rate.
I’m back to Mono White Aggro with this build. Ollenbock Escort allows you to basically have a Selfless Savior in your deck as long as the targeted creature has a +1/+1 counter on it.
Reidane and Thalia do a good job of taxing out control decks and sometimes Faceless Haven comes in to finish the job.
Thank you for likes, subscribes and shares. I work hard to bring good content and I hope at least a few people can benefit from the video! I’d you’d give it a thumbs up or comment if you liked it I would appreciate it. Cheers.
Video: https://youtu.be/L32YQAQabhc Deck List: https://aetherhub.com/Deck/ollenbock-mono-white
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2021.12.08 02:28 SpeekyGeeky Super7's WB Wave 1: Wakko/Yakko/Dot/Pinky & The Brain

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2021.12.08 02:28 LeChuck5000 Has anyone built a niche classified website as a side hustle? What worked or didn't work?

I'm considering attempting a niche classified ad site as a side hustle. I have a lot of knowledge in that niche and I'm comfortable with the web development side of things, but have never tried to build or market a little business like this. I would appreciate any advice on this idea.
Here are a few specific questions I have if that helps:

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2021.12.08 02:28 BoSolaris So, uh. Gjally Purs/Growls when you ready it

I am not sure how else tosay it. The fabled launcher of yore literally purs/growls when you take it out.
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2021.12.08 02:28 zeer0dotcom Playground/lab to check out AWS features without running up huge bills?

I'm thinking of setting up a lab/playground for people to do things on AWS without running up huge bills. The playground will let users try out things like spinning up EC2 instances or creating IAM roles/users/policies - basic things that show off the power of AWS without the risk of running up thousand dollar bills because you forgot to delete an instance.
Would this be of value to people?
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2021.12.08 02:28 Bollock_Ache Is Doctor Zhivago,the movie and book, banned by the Soviets,now popular in Russia today?

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2021.12.08 02:28 AlAkib_Official "#Bali" – An Upcoming Amazon Original Indian Marathi Language Horror Thriller Film Set To Premiere On Amazon Prime Video In #Marathi Language On 9th December, 2021 !!

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2021.12.08 02:28 eshoppingblog Flipkart End Of Season Sale : Flat 60% Off (8 Dec to 12 Dec '21) + 2.5% Off From Xerve

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2021.12.08 02:28 trihydroboron Uhhhh, what? lol

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2021.12.08 02:28 Octodeco [Diagnosis: Stasis] Ch. 5 "That's Life"

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2021.12.08 02:28 QuarterlyTurtle "Your comments confuse and frighten me, sir."

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2021.12.08 02:28 rlenegrace What's it like taking 20+ units?

Just a first-year seeking advice from any uppers or anyone who's done 20 units. I was originally planning on doing 18 with CHEM 6B, MATH 10A, HUM 1, and BILD 1 until I spontaneously decided to take BILD 83 and BILD 92 just because they seemed interesting. Someone named Steven Briggs is teaching both of those electives, but he's not on RMP so I'm unsure whether or not I'm screwing myself over.
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2021.12.08 02:28 wdw1223 Two days of busting my butt….

Only to get another Rex 🙄
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2021.12.08 02:28 PandySims I built this Loft Apartment in San Myshuno 🌇 (playtested, no cc)

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2021.12.08 02:28 lee__majors Better parental controls

I’m writing this in the vein hope that someone from Kobo/Rakuten sees it and wants to try and improve their experience for some parents.
We bought our kids (9, 11) a Kobo each after the first lockdown we had last year, as a reward for dealing with a shitty situation. While we both have kobos, a big part of the draw of Kobo for the kids is because In NZ only kobos have the ability to connect with overdrive and borrow library books.
Annoying niggles with the overdrive experience aside, they’ve been absolutely amazing for them and they have plowed through an absolute ton of books.
Unfortunately, my eldest just discovered that you can get porn on the kobo store. I found out because I receive his email recommendations; turns out he’s been downloading some pretty dodgy previews!
Unfortunately the protection kobo provides here is woeful. Yes they offer a “parental lock”, but it locks the WHOLE store, INCLUDING overdrive, which means they can’t browse the library books without us turning parental controls off, which is ridiculous.
Kobo also don’t seem to provide the ability to have child accounts locked down to not be able to see the adult content on their store. I can’t even set the date my kids were born on their kobo store accounts because it throws an error “there is something wrong with your stated date of birth”
There’s also no way to turn off the browser, unless you turn on parental controls which doesn’t work for the reasons I’ve already given.
Kobo, if you’re reading this please - allow us to properly manage our kids reading experience. Allow us to change their dates of birth and put restrictions on what content they can look at in the store!
And most importantly, if you can’t do any of that, at least separate overdrive so we can turn on your woeful parental controls and still let them browse the books their library provides!
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2021.12.08 02:28 RoamLikeRomeo Måske er GME større i DK end vi lige gik og troede?

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2021.12.08 02:28 SakuraClips Calli talks about Holostars

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2021.12.08 02:28 clip_mirror_bot Tyler1 getting stream sniped in H1Z1

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2021.12.08 02:28 throwawayyyyyy0192 notify me

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2021.12.08 02:28 -Agent-47_ A month ago me and my cousin raced a prince. He won. He cheater 😤

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2021.12.08 02:28 Snowstick21 First Day race C win ever

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2021.12.08 02:28 BTK-VENOM43 I’d be weak after that point….

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