t66n4 2ky73 yinhi tz4t2 7befz ytr5n fifb3 83btz 4d7ek f398f z6i4a 7kyid 8tney dbhez 6734b b84a7 8z3hn 4d4kn 6h7hr skt3s dyn5i NEW moonshot launch in 2 days!!| I think that this meme coin can explode this weekend | Know it | 15 BNB in liquidity and Locked for 7 months |

NEW moonshot launch in 2 days!!| I think that this meme coin can explode this weekend | Know it | 15 BNB in liquidity and Locked for 7 months

2021.12.08 02:54 ShruchWroiags NEW moonshot launch in 2 days!!| I think that this meme coin can explode this weekend | Know it | 15 BNB in liquidity and Locked for 7 months

ElegantDoge $EDOGE This is an early project and an get x50 minimum. You need to know it this week. Here’s some information about the $EDOGE Token. Sale is on December 10th, 2021 14:00 UTC We are hosting our Fairlaunch on PancakeSwap V2 (PUBLIC SALE) Initial liquidity is 15BNB Max Buy: 0.6 BNB at start. Min Buy: Dont have Min Buy. Liquidity is locked for 12 Months. Sale Rate 1 BNB = 920.000.000.000 $EDOGE Our Tokenomics are: 50% Public Fairlaunch 2.5% NFT Creation and MEME competitions 40% Burn 2.5% Team wallet 5% Airdrop 📄 Here’s our Contract address : 0xa0B97E2C7c320bD61A325A159296924b741F4C56 What's the plan after launching? Its all about MARKETING and getting Listed on CMC & CG and the DEXTOOLS trending. We got that sorted, expecting to get listed on the same day on CG & CMC or not more than 48 hours alongside with DEXTOOL trending. 🍱 For more info please visit the socials 🍱 🌍 Website: elegantdoge.net 🕊 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ElegantDogeBSC PancakeSwap : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xa0B97E2C7c320bD61A325A159296924b741F4C56 LP Locked : https://deeplock.io/lock/0x13DFBe2E0c11BfCE6aE5b713922c341aE25fbA86 Ownership Renounced : https://bscscan.com/token/0xa0B97E2C7c320bD61A325A159296924b741F4C56
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2021.12.08 02:54 reddevils7070 Nahh why hasn’t Boombod reposted Trisha’s promotion or even mentioned her name anywhere lol

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2021.12.08 02:54 16_BitGamer does anyone know anything about this artwork

does anyone know anything about this artwork I've had this artwork on my wall for years but I don't know anything about it besides who signed it and it is in a collection of artworks.
the artwork is signed by stan lee and someone named c.jess and is 2368 of a collection of 2500 artworks. if anyone knows anything about this it would be nice to know thanks
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2021.12.08 02:54 iandabeanboi I want to get over him.

I've(18f) recently developed feelings for a friend(17m). We've been chatting constantly on the phone for the past 8 months and just recently I've started to develop feelings for him. However I really don't want to fall for him. He's super cool, chill, funny, talented, attractive and sweet. I'm not the nicest person, I'm not funny, I'm not cool, I'm awkward, clumsy, have no talents and not really attractive. I also have a lot of emotional trauma and mental illness which causes me to consistently distance myself and think no one truly likes me. I don't want to have a partner if they're going to have to constantly put up with my trauma and mental illness. And he of all people is too good for me. He deserves the most amazing person in the world and that's not me. I really want to get over him and stay friends but I honestly don't know how. I want to distance myself but I enjoy his friendship.... He's coming out in a week and I need to be over him by then. Help.
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2021.12.08 02:54 mikenike1990 *NEW* Rakuten $30 Sign Up Bonus | Spend $30+ on your first order and get $30 cashback via PayPal or Check (Earn Cash Back Through Regular Sites)

You will receive $30.00 when you sign up with the referral link below! This website gives you cash back at 1000s of stores! You receive cash back for shopping!
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2021.12.08 02:54 dud3yeah California permit/license question

New rider here under 21 have my permit here in California with restrictions of freeway riding at night etc… however I have M1 on my drivers license did they mess up and give me my full license before waiting the 6 months or is am I just dumb
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2021.12.08 02:54 itocaliente Apartment hunting

My partner and I will be moving to the NE SLC area around April and I was hoping I could get some suggestions on what apartments units would be worth checking out or if you know of anyone renting their houses/condos/duplex.
Any suggestions on places to check out or stay away from?
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2021.12.08 02:54 decadentcarrot 30 M4F [Chat] Slavic guy on a quest to find interesting conversation (audio)

Hey 👋 Don't be intimidated by the audio call part. We can do it on some app, in a fairly anonymous way, and if we don't click, I'll accept your resignation from our call without further inquiry as to why 🙂
I could be funny and pensive, humorous and serious, opinionated and empathetic, indecisive and strong-headed... It all depends on the topic and my mood 🤣 But I always try to be very polite 🎩
Open to almost any topic, just don't expect me to be an expert 😜
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2021.12.08 02:54 bolierchef92 Holy shit this holiday period is going to kill me

Holy shit this holiday period is going to kill me submitted by bolierchef92 to KitchenConfidential [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 02:54 Baileymcg200 Red eye balloon tetra with cardinal tetra

Will theses fish get along ?
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2021.12.08 02:54 twinnedcalcite Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Chapter 126

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Chapter 126 Hosting Information Thanks to Brenduchiiss for getting us this translation.
Source Status
Nijiyoake Waiting
Little Miss & Good Sir Scanlations Waiting
@ans_yuki (instagram) Waiting
brenduchiiss Mangadex
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2021.12.08 02:54 TheGreyRai What’s the appropriate amount of time to wait to call and cash out on a late spouse’s insurance?

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2021.12.08 02:54 GMEdumpster Deputy Peaches

Deputy Peaches submitted by GMEdumpster to aww [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 02:54 lovecars1 Most important piece in my Corvette collection.

Most important piece in my Corvette collection. submitted by lovecars1 to Corvette [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 02:54 pes1463 How do you adjust to suddenly having a new pet when you didn't expect it?

Our family dog passed in October after 16 years. She's been with us since I was very young, so it was pretty hard for me. At first, my family had agreed to wait for a while before adopting a new pet. Not even a week after her passing my parents had brought a new dog home. She's very sweet and honestly the perfect pet, but even after months I still have moments where I can't stand even looking at her. I feel angry and upset, and also really guilty. What makes it worse for me is she's almost identical to our previous dog, and family constantly calls her our previous dogs name as well (on accident of course, but that doesn't help the situation). What should I do to adjust to this better? It's been a while now but I can't seem to move on from how upset I felt and still somewhat feel. I try to see if from their point of view but it's frustrating when they completely ignored my feelings on the matter.
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2021.12.08 02:54 Teizan What is the most expensive thing to have ever been sold for a dollar?

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2021.12.08 02:54 TheTechnoDuck Our geography teacher is the worst

She says instead of writing "to feed a lot of people" I should have wrote "to feed a lot of mouthS" and cut my marks in a class test, and is now forcing kids to say in front of the whole class what questions they did wrong, and what they should have written
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2021.12.08 02:54 imnase211 Changing the functionality of cp,mv and rm

I have a special dirrctory in which i need to store metadata about file location, so every timr there's a rename, a move, or a deletion, I need to run some scripts to update the meta data. Is there a way to automate this?
I asked this question on a different subreddit (linux4noobs iirc). I was suhgested to redefine cp,mv and rm inside of bashrc to check if they are within this directory every time they are called. And if so, run the required scripts. I was also warned that this method could cause some issues with some scripts, but I did not ask why.
So I want to ask here, are there any alternatives to redefining the functions? Something like some program that constanly monitors changes to directory content and can handle them automatically? This seems like sonething that a lot of system administrators would be doing
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2021.12.08 02:54 inthenameoflord ( Anyone wanna be friends ?………)

Literally any age any gender Dms are open for everyone 😌😌😌😌
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2021.12.08 02:54 JuamJoestar I can't believe the japanese did an audio roleplay based around TNO! I wonder what the plot is about?

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2021.12.08 02:54 tperry M1 Pro FCP X Issue

I'm running into an issue while using Final Cut Pro. I'm not a professional user and my usage is very casual, just editing YouTube / social media content with footage from my iPhone. I'm using the new M1 Pro MacBook Pro, 16GB RAM.
I dragged about 10 videos from my iPhone into Final Cut Pro and started placing things in the timeline. After placing 4-5 videos into my timeline I notice that just scrubbing through the timeline causes a process called VTDecoderXPCService to shoot up to 10GB and the computer starts using swap memory. The issue seems to disappear if I let Final Cut generate optimised media, but now Final Cut uses 50GB storage for 10 minutes total of footage.
I feel like I'm surely missing something here and there's no way a few iPhone videos should be using 10GB of system RAM.
Any help is appreciated, thank you!
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2021.12.08 02:54 AncientAnalyst554 [USA-NY][H] PayPal [W] Low power/profile 1650

I'm just looking to get a low profile 1650 for my 1U server for transcoding. Its a pretty shit card in general so I'm looking for it at a decent price I'm think $200 but I'm open to offers
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2021.12.08 02:54 ByzantineBaller Had to bike out to Mint Hill recently. Not a bad sight, but made me miss our paths here in Charlotte!

Had to bike out to Mint Hill recently. Not a bad sight, but made me miss our paths here in Charlotte! submitted by ByzantineBaller to CLT_Cyclists [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 02:54 WHYWONTISTOPCUMMING I haven’t watched the Villain Arc in season 5, why do I see so many people hating on it?

I finished the first cour of season five but never started the villain arc even though it’s my second favorite arc in the series. So, you can imagine my suprise when I’m looking through youtube comments after watching Redestro vs Shigaraki out of curiosity and everyone is bashing the arc, saying its basic, saying all the characters had plot armor, etc. From what I understood this arc amongst manga readers was considered one of the best and was generally considered a pretty damn good manga arc in general, what happened in the anime? Did Bones mess with pacing in a weird way like the second half?
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2021.12.08 02:54 Friendaccount2300000 30M [chat] [activities] any interest in forming a day trading/investing discord.

Would like a small place to trade thoughts and dd about current market forces and general symbols on a day to day basis. Have years of trading experience and mostly holding real estate so looking for like minded people to form up with.
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