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New final round concept

The official website for Concepts Intl featuring Concepts collaborations, the latest footwear, apparel and accessories releases from streetwear and designer brands. Concept definition, a general notion or idea; conception. See more. Synonyms for CONCEPT: conception, generality, generalization, notion, stereotype, abstraction, cogitation, idea. Concept: an idea or statement about all of the members of a group or all the instances of a situation. Synonyms: conception, generality, generalization… Find the right word. For over 40 years, Concept2 has been making top-quality exercise equipment that gives you a great workout in your home or gym. Dedicated to excellent service and your success. Shop now for BikeErg, Indoor Rower, and SkiErg. Description. Concepts is a flexible space to think, plan and create. Sketch your ideas on the infinite canvas, write notes and doodles with tilt + pressure, draw storyboards, product sketches and design plans, then share with friends, clients and other apps. Optimized for touchscreen and pen-enabled devices, including the latest Intel and ARM64 ... Define concept. concept synonyms, concept pronunciation, concept translation, English dictionary definition of concept. n. 1. A general idea or understanding of something: the concept of inertia; the concept of free will. See Synonyms at idea. 2. A plan or original idea: The... concept definition: 1. a principle or idea: 2. to not understand about something: 3. a principle or idea: . Learn more. concept: [noun] something conceived in the mind : thought, notion. Find 28 ways to say CONCEPT, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Concepts library. (C++20) The concepts library provides definitions of fundamental library concepts that can be used to perform compile-time validation of template arguments and perform function dispatch based on properties of types. These concepts provide a foundation for equational reasoning in programs. Most concepts in the standard library ...

2022.01.20 09:07 Bestsocionic New final round concept

Hello to all fallen guys. I want to share with you my finale-concept. I have a small amount of hope that Mediatonix will see this post and implement my idea. So rate it if you like it.
This finale fits perfectly with the jungle theme. The location is an ancient abandoned Inca temple or, alternatively, an Egyptian pyramid. The level is special because it combines the concepts of different finals: ice (you have to hold on the hexes), mountain (you have to be the first to grab the crown) and jump showdown (you have to dodge obstacles and throw down enemies, setting them up). Agree that it sounds very cool: so much so that this level should be added to the game!
So, all players appear on hexes resembling plates in a pyramid (I don't know what the entourage is around the playing field: is it inside the building or is it all in the air). I haven't figured out what size floor is needed, as it needs to be tested on different numbers of players.
So everyone stands on the floor. As an option, there are more plates under some plates in two layers, but heterogeneously, meaning if you're standing on a plate and it breaks, it would be purely your luck if another plate ended up under it. It will also be handy for those players who survive the first shakeout, as they will have some extra floor left over.
In general, everyone stands on the floor in different places. Suddenly everything starts to shake: dust falls from the walls and some hexes start to crack (like ice when stepped on). The players' task is to escape from the breaking floor before it collapses. When a player escapes, he can start pushing other players into the holes that have formed, or try to keep his neighbor from getting out if the floor started shaking under him, but not under you.
After the first shake, part of the floor fell off, but still there is more free space than cells, so the players do not conflict. But then the floor begins to shake again (or it shakes continuously without interruption) and the players continue to run around so as not to fail. There are strategies: someone tries to run away from everyone, someone - to occupy the tiles closer to the center of the field, and someone - chasing opponents trying to throw them off. Well, we understand that if the gap between hexes of 1-2 cells, you can freely jump from one to another, but when they become more, difficulties begin. Therefore, everyone thinks with his head where best to stand, to reduce the likelihood of death in the next collapse (as in jump showdown).
Next you can add a complication like a fan that comes out from somewhere and blows some of the players away, or a chopper (I guess (?), like in jumps) that will make players in one of the sectors jump all the time, or add a big yetus.
And so it goes on until the floor is critically low and it's no longer possible to jump anywhere. All players are distributed who to where, some clutched to one cell and trying to throw each other (as in the levels with the slime), somewhere driving traps that do not allow you to jump to another floor. And then at some point in the temple a crown appears and abruptly the floor (also hexes) comes out from below, representing a path to the crown. But it is not a solid path, but one on which to jump through the voids. This one appears for each player and ideally should be so that the path to the crown is equidistant for all (well, or the crown should be placed somewhere at once so that players can see where best to be before the final phase).
And the floor appears and everyone must be running from their cells to the other cells to be the first to grab it. If two players were standing on the same cell at the beginning, there is a chance that they will start grabbing each other like in the final phase with the mountain. If they start from different squares, it's an agility race.
You can also make it so that the crown is blocked, but everyone can see it, and it is unblocked when players click on the secret plate on the floor. This will provoke them to run around in different cells while the floor collapses.
Also, this finale is special in that all players can fall into the slime and lose, and thus no one gets the crown (you must agree that it's unfair if the winner is just the last survivor).
So that's my concept. Thank you for your attention. Rate it if you like it!
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2022.01.20 09:07 JoeDragotta Colorful clouds of Largo Florida, Sunset time

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2022.01.20 09:07 sethjojo I hope in The next game, social feed will be more interactive, like maybe you could post selfies, just feel like that would be fun

I hope in The next game, social feed will be more interactive, like maybe you could post selfies, just feel like that would be fun submitted by sethjojo to SpidermanPS4 [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 09:07 alsoknow_as How to add a texture over a custom toon shader (Lightning Boy Studio)? Without the shader affecting the texture paint.

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2022.01.20 09:07 Jlvdaum Why Young Chinese Are Turning Their Backs on Western Brands

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2022.01.20 09:07 CortezOnline This part of the game was really tense. What did you guys choose?

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2022.01.20 09:07 sp00kypenguin A Gorgeous Day! 🐝 [Art By Me!]

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2022.01.20 09:07 BOZG_ER Are you ready for TigerKing? This reflection token will launch on 29-01-2022. Had a 20bnb private sale that filled in 3 hours!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

TigerKing will launch on 29/01/2022 - 19UTC! Private sale of 20bnb was filled in 3 hours! What is TigerKing? 2022 is the year of the tiger. And with this token we pay tribute to the one and only TigerKing, Joe Exotic! We did a small presale of 20 bnb and this walled filled in less 3 hours! 20bnb of private sale - 14bnb will go to liquidity and 6bnb to marketing! All our marketing plans will be shared in group and we are very transparant about everything! 100% safu and ready to moon! Devteam - 100% safu Lambo and Ferrari Launch date - 29/01/2022 - 19 UTC TG: https://t.me/TigerKingLaunch Tokenomics Buy/Sell Tax: 14% 6% LP 6% Marketing 2% Reflections Restrictions: Max transaction - 1% Max wallet - 2% Token distribution 1.000.000 supply 40% presale 40% liquidity 12% burn 8% team tokens What will we do with the 6bnb marketing funds? Pre-launch: Shillseals launchlist CryptoPickles launchlist Bsc Crypto Hunter launchlist Pretty Good Token List (free) Shilling bot - one week more coming soon Post-launch: Big Buy Contest - 1bnb! Join our channel for more info and be ready for this hyped launch! More marketing incoming!!!
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2022.01.20 09:07 Itcofa_L Looking to buy th14 under $130

Looking to obj a th14 with semi high h level heroes for under $130.
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2022.01.20 09:07 Full_Relief_8618 Megan

How strange the world has become around me the colors the smells the music and life itself has an airy lightness to it what is this bewildering feeling that is consuming me... it is happiness and happiness have a name a name so powerful it stops the hart weakens the knees begiles the very sole within me.... Megan.
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2022.01.20 09:07 svanapps These Explosive Cryptocurrencies Could Beat Shiba Inu in 2022

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2022.01.20 09:07 AgreeableFeedback Lighthouse

To combat the rouges being so easily farmable they should add a key to the new trader or can be dropped by the new boss that gives you access to the water treatment like sturman key . Thoughts
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2022.01.20 09:07 FerlixMN milk

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2022.01.20 09:07 TweetArchiveBot Sihle Ngobese: Nah, dawg…dem kids ain’t ready fo dat!

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2022.01.20 09:07 AnneChristi Loved painting this cutie!

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2022.01.20 09:07 Hazzat What’s the likelihood that Keep it Up is released tomorrow?

New music is typically released on Fridays, so…
View Poll
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2022.01.20 09:07 Xoptex HollySheep NFT

💪✅HollySheep✅💪. GET IN SUPER EARLY TO GET UR SHEEP CHEAP. This is a brand new just off the ground collection of 10000 unique collectible sheep characters, owning a hollysheep NFT will unlock the owner special perks in the disc and some perks which are yet to be announces. Information on a possible game in the meta verse coming soon as well. Giveaways happening regularly so come check out the server here:

https://discord.gg/krT4GjgEUM. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/932830871839473744/932840292753748028/CBB980FE-2D65-42D4-B05E-A14BF8958407.jpg 
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2022.01.20 09:07 jcizzle619 My pretty bad attempt at making alexandra trese

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2022.01.20 09:07 carr0248 Doing Parkour

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2022.01.20 09:07 haber-trend Sıcak! | ABD 10 yıllık tahvil faizi büyük artış görebilir #AmerikaBirleşikDevletleri #MerkezBankalarıSistemi son saatin en çok aranan 16. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 3 gazetede yer alıyor.

Sıcak! | ABD 10 yıllık tahvil faizi büyük artış görebilir #AmerikaBirleşikDevletleri #MerkezBankalarıSistemi son saatin en çok aranan 16. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 3 gazetede yer alıyor. submitted by haber-trend to HaberTrend [link] [comments]

2022.01.20 09:07 bmagz828 Post interview radio silence and workday status change

Two weeks ago, I had my second interview for a job at big pharma. I felt the interview went well and during our conversation, we spoke about how it would look if I took the job. Our conversation ended abruptly, hiring manager had to leave for another meeting, but I was told I would hear from him next week. Followed up with a thank you email, no response. Followed up the end of last week since I was told I would hear from them that week and had not heard anything, no response. Tuesday of this week I sent an email to the recruiter I spoke with to see if they had any information, no response. I am not sure if I am losing it, but at one point I am fairly certain my workday status said “interviewing” and it has since been changed to “in process”. I am still actively looking and applying to other jobs, but does it seem like I am out of the running on for this position? It has only been two weeks since I interviewed and crazier things have happened cough global pandemic cough, but the lack of communication is concerning.
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2022.01.20 09:07 RoNPlayer New Wonder Bonuses as shown on Stream

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2022.01.20 09:07 InterstellarOvercast Marble Sheep - Melted Moon

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2022.01.20 09:07 InspectionParty Predestination?

Hi Friends,

FIrst I wanted to give a shout-out to all the cool cats and kittens out there in the audience. I am a early 30s M convert (10 years last easter) who has found his own little cyber parish community! Thank you for being great stewards of our faith.

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way ... It dawned on me last night that you all would be a good outlet for me to ponder your thoughts of predestination? I go to a bible study where I am the only practicing Catholic amongst a group of high church theology Calvinists or as they prefer to be called Reformed Churchgoers.

I have tried to skim through Aquinas, Ignatius, and my fav Augustine for their insight but often feel that the reformers take predestination to a whole different level with "election".

Anyway, as a good Catholic boy, I would love to hear what your thoughts are on predestination.

Peace be with you.
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