Just wore these on a run. So sweaty! Who wants them?

2022.01.20 07:49 Aussiestraightlad Just wore these on a run. So sweaty! Who wants them?

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2022.01.20 07:49 Throwaway-me- Doing my assignment for university and came across "Chris Drinkwater", a true hyrdrohomie.

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2022.01.20 07:49 PupperBlog This is Bella, she's a therapy dog!

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2022.01.20 07:49 Joejoearch081 Introduction to Moonbeam: Your Easiest Pathway To Multi-Chain

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2022.01.20 07:49 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Prosecutor: Norway mass killer still 'a very dangerous man' | ABC

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2022.01.20 07:49 rygarLP_ Peace in our Time!

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2022.01.20 07:49 Just-Another-Bojack Am I actually needy or is this just another standard case of incompatibility?

Hey Reddit. I would really appreciate some insight as I feel quite ashamed of my own feelings and needs, but do not want to make any impulsive decisions or hurt my partner.
So some background:
My (f22) partner (m22) and I recently got back together after 1 year apart. We have broken up because back then he had grown very distant and I had kept everything that was bothering me inside until I started resenting him and blaming him for not caring about me and not loving me enough. Later (during that year) we met to clarify things and he said he was still not over his ex at the time and so on). We did not get back together until 4 months after when he reached out again and said he wants to give us another shot. We agreed that we would talk about everything bothering us and communicate openly. It's been 3 months and 2 weeks.
The first 3 months were truly amazing. I felt so much love for this person and felt like that love was reciprocated. When I wanted him to stay the night with me and expressed it, the sentiment was returned and he often said he felt the same or that he wishes we could be together too and that he didn't have to go back home.
The issue:
Last week, he was in a bad mood, so he needed his space (which I was happy to give him). He canceled our dinner date and I did not see him until Sunday when we hung out with his friends. This week he was not in a bad mood anymore, but he busied himself with work and side projects and wasn't responding often (which I get, but I have needs and I was missing him a lot at that point). Yesterday we went out again with his friends to this standup comedy night. We met up a few hours earlier to talk about things that were bothering us, so it was mostly just arguing. He wanted me to take more care of myself etc and wanted me to vent to him more when I feel down rather than confiding in my friends all the time (there is a side project I should be working on but I am always too down and drowsy from this medication I'm taking for my back so I haven't been inspired. This makes me feel down). I told him that I wasn't confiding in him because he wasn't responsive at all. He said he would be if he knows I wanna talk about something serious.
We went to the comedy show. We were both hungry. He was dropping me off back at my dormitory (I am currently employed, but renting a dorm room out of convenience). I told him I want him to just stay with me in the car for 15 minutes because I just wanted to hold him and I wish we could spend the night together. And he said that this attachment is not healthy and that I am being too much. He wanted to go home and eat.
I expressed that this statement hurt me because I do not think my feelings are too much. I think couples feel that way very often and that he used to reciprocate it. He said he's still the same.
Today he apologized for using those words, but still said I should be less needy.
I understand I think about him very frequently and probably would benefit from just forgetting about him and going about my day, but I do not see how what I asked of him was a problem?
I don't know who to trust and what to think. If you've read this, thank you for making it this far.
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2022.01.20 07:49 Spirited_Educator827 "An internet connection is required to install macOS" Opencore issue

CPU: i3 4005u
GPU: HD4400
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2022.01.20 07:49 ZoobBot 201923

This is the 201923rd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.20 07:49 Medium_Newt_5666 Suggestions for a good gpu for the game?

Upgraded my computers ram and got myself an SSD and thought I might aswell get a new GPU since my ol' GTX 1060 is getting outdated to say the least. It only has 3GB of vram, and it seems to hold my fps back in the game. Got any suggestions for a more up to date GPU that will better fit the requierments for the game?
Thanks! :^)
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2022.01.20 07:49 OceanDeep17 What's the difference between /ɚ/ and /ɹ̩/ ?

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2022.01.20 07:49 iamcalifw 🌟 FlokiBonk Stealth Launched To Give Everyone A Fair Shot! ✅ Renounced Ownership💎 Admin Team From Around The World! 🔒 LP Locked for 1 Year 🔥 Dont Miss This 100x meme token! Only 0% Tax Fee

The beauty of FlokiBonk, is the community decides everything....future roadmap/whitepaper, website, logo, CMC/Coingecko applications etc.
Why FlokiBonk?
TG - https://t.me/flokibonk_official
It is just amazing and the community is just as great! This is far way better from other defi tokens as it’s determined team is putting 100% in this community driven project that rewards the users for particularly holding for long run . We are not aiming to provide short term profits for holders, but a reliable asset for long term investors .
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This project is SAFU. This project is fun. This project will have a big day. This project will have a big future.
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2022.01.20 07:49 wuanlai65 ✨ Metaverse Doge ✨ | The First Ever Defi Metaverse Doge | CERTIK audit DONE | Game P2E being developed | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | Low market cap | Huge potential ✨

In a galaxy far far away on the planet Nakamoto, resides a cyber gunslinger named MetaVerse Doge and his team of Meta-Memes. Help fight away galactic scammers heading towards Nakamoto by collecting and utlilizing Meta-NFT cards.
Market cap is holding steady at 1.65m and project has not been listed yet on CMC and Coingecko, ready to explode!✨
Buy rare NFTs from our Meta Chest that are used in game. The rarer the NFT the more points you can gain!
Players who hold suitable METAVERSE DOGE NFT’s will NOT ONLY be able to invest in a unique or desirable NFT property, but will ALSO get access to the following: Common, Rare, Ultra rare and LEGENDARY.
Future marketing plans:
- Coinsniper And Coinhunter Listings
- Telegram Call Channels
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Liquidity is locked for 3 months and LP tokens are burned forever.
Buy tax 6%
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Marketing strategies will focus on media content that will bind us into the ever-evolving fabric of the metaverse. $MVDOGE is a community driven token, to be a part of our communal web, join us on our telegram group to keep up to date with current news.
✅ Owner will video Doxx ✅
☕ NFT’S ☕
〽️ P2E Game 〽️
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⚔️ Website: https://metaversedoge.online/
⚔️ Telegram: https://t.me/MVDOGE
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2022.01.20 07:49 SuspiciousNewspaper More sisters for the squad

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2022.01.20 07:49 oshaboy Felt cute, might delete later

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2022.01.20 07:49 ribblle The more Force we get, the more Cope we need

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2022.01.20 07:49 jt663 Apple AirTags - 'A perfect tool for stalking'

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2022.01.20 07:49 Good_Imagination_804 Update Node 0.18.1 anka12#1332

Update Node 0.18.1 anka12#1332 Node name: NannyNode
Parachain Account: 5Ec4AhPZk8STuex8Wsi9TwDtJQxKqzPJRCH7348Xtcs9vZLJ
Local node identity is: 12D3KooWLQjA9nLqf136z1FJhGEMK5XsaZ3xP2gJuSqreW9KHBjp
Local node identity is: 12D3KooWPd9cA367FpXMzadUcvgkQdMqSUsagsFAxx6bzxyacjmD
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2022.01.20 07:49 Shifty_cloud 17f looking for long term friend

Sick of loosing friends when I move towns, I love the thought of having a best friend! I love animals, good shows and games! Message if you are interested (would prefer if you were around my age, and NO creeps, platonic relationship only!)
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2022.01.20 07:49 Mashkythesnail Dog bit another dog

Hey guys I need help finding out what might happen to my dog since animal control was called. Situation: I live at apartments January 15th at 10 pm I was walking my dog (German shepherd) and her leash slipped from my hand she didn’t run from me but more like fast walked. i tried to catch up to her but that’s when someone came out with two dogs at this point my dog and her dogs weren’t far from each other at all so by the time I got to grab her leash she bit her dog’s neck. Now I’m not sure if this matters but her dog has no injuries and only took about a minute to get my dog away from hers. The lady was screaming very hysterically which I understand somewhat I just think she could have gone about it more calmly but she did jump on top of her dog I guess to protect it. After she screamed at me lots of people came out and watched then she went inside before we could talk. January 19th I get a knock at the door from maintenance and they tell me I should call the apartment office even though nobody was injured so I did that immediately after they’ve left. The office told me that she called animal control and I’m worried what might happen to my dog. this is the first time anything like this has happened.
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2022.01.20 07:49 Beneficial_Thing7461 Hello r/armenia! I am doing a podcast where I ask people around the world questions about history and politics. I would like to find an Armenian that would want to talk about the situation in their country & situation with Azerbaijan

Hello armenia! I am doing a podcast where I ask people around the world questions about history and politics. I would like to find an Armenian that would want to talk about the situation in their country & situation with Azerbaijan
My last episode was about Ukraine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5u-6B9NvjI
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2022.01.20 07:49 xXspuitelfXx dude kept talking about how talking to me made him hard, started being a bitch when i said i wasn't comfortable

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2022.01.20 07:49 ambaegbu Is Marriage based EAD taking longer than employment based to approve?

Don’t know enough about how different the timelines are, whether there’s even any separation of the two application categories, etc.
But yes, is employment based EAD faster to get?
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2022.01.20 07:49 DALeast [H] 290 Knives⚔️, 70 Gloves🧤 , And a bunch of play skins (M4A4 Howl, Dragon Lore, Pandoras, Skeleton Fade, Butterfly Marble Fade, Gloves Marble Fade, M4 Imminent Danger, Gloves Fade, Butterfly Doppler, Butterfly Tiger, M4a4 Poseidon, Karambit Autotronic, Huntsman Ruby and Gut Ruby [W] Offers 🔥

🦥 I don't update the list of items each day so take a look in my inventory to see if the item is still there or not 🦥
To add: https://steamcommunity.com/id/DALeast/
To Send Offer: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffenew/?partner=192698961&token=dfTbP9y6
👽When I check offers I will be looking at buff prices 😃

🦜Butterfly Knives🦜
🐪Karambit Knives🐪
🦩M9 Knives🦩
🦐Talon Knives🦐
🐢Bayonet Knives🐢
🦞Ursus Knives🦞
☄️Stiletto Knives☄️
🍁Flip Knives🍁
🍂Shattered Web Knives🍂
🐧Bowie Knives🐧
🐥Huntsman Knives🐥
🦗Gut Knives🦗
🦉Falchion Knives🦉
🦆Navaja Knives🦆
🐸Shadow Daggers🐸
🦧Weapon Skins🦧
🌙And Much More (:
🌼I use Buff for prices 😃
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2022.01.20 07:49 Cambronne6 Pierre Valentin on Twitter 2013, c'est précisément l'année où l'idéologie Woke franchit le mur du son en termes d'influence aux US. Peut-on tomber d'accord sur le fait que ça a été - volontairement ou non - une catastrophe pour les relations entre blancs et noirs ? On veut vraiment importer ça ici ?

Pierre Valentin on Twitter 2013, c'est précisément l'année où l'idéologie Woke franchit le mur du son en termes d'influence aux US. Peut-on tomber d'accord sur le fait que ça a été - volontairement ou non - une catastrophe pour les relations entre blancs et noirs ? On veut vraiment importer ça ici ? submitted by Cambronne6 to france6 [link] [comments]