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Two different persons

2022.01.20 07:27 toaruScar Two different persons

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2022.01.20 07:27 Cursedchildren My good for nothing dad passed away. The inheritance was more than I bargained for. (Part 2)

Part I
I take the knocker in my hand and rap it three times on the door. I have to admit, I’m a little nervous. That’s not entirely uncommon, as I’ve never had a good relationship with Susan, or my niece and nephew. Really, anyone who would marry Mark isn’t the sort of person I’d be close to. Still, I have to admit, they’ve done pretty well for themselves. The house is massive. Not quite as big as Dad’s, but it gets the job done.
The door opens a bit and Susan peeks out; I catch the familiar flash of disappointment her face before it is replaced by cordiality.
“Peter, what a surprise!” She doesn’t open the door further. I don’t blame her. I didn’t go to my brother’s wedding, and our first actual meeting was sometime later after I was conned into what I thought was a reconciliation trip. Needless to say, it didn’t go great.
“What are you doing here?” she asks. “Where’s Mark?” I offer a hasty smile. “No doubt he told you our pa passed.” Only then do I remember to feign a little sadness in my expression.
For a second, it almost looks like she feels sorry for me. But only for a second. Only almost. “My condolences.”
“Yes, well,” I break eye contact, try to get past the lump in my throat. I’m try to think up something kind to say about my father. Something appropriate. What would a grieving son say? “He was old. Had to figure the time was coming.”
She nods. “So…?”
“Ah, right. Mark.” I savor the taste of his name on my tongue, a sour gumdrop turning sweeter moment by moment. The warm smile I offer Susan is genuine enough. “Well, since Dad passed, Mark and I have been dealing with the estate.”
Suspicion. “Mark told me he’d gotten just about everything.”
“Yes.” I nod, I concentrate on nodding while I tuck that bit of annoyance back away. “Yes, that’s true.”
“Then what’s left?”
“Well, there is still A LOT of stuff. I was helping Mark make arrangements, and look—”
Her expression drifts between the aforementioned suspicion and glazing over. No doubt, Mark has told her all sorts of horrible shit about me, I wouldn’t put it past the bastard.
“We’ve had our differences and all, but coming together over Dad’s passing has given us a chance to bond.”
“That’s nice.” She’s not buying it. “Where’s Mark?”
I frown. “Didn’t he text you?”
“He did, but…”
“He’s picking up pizza. Place is pretty packed, and I offered to wait with him, but he told me not to. Said I should just head on over.”
It’s her turn to frown. “Wait here.”
She closes the door in my face, a little hastily, in fact, and I can hear her pressing keys on a phone. My heart is pounding faster now. The next few seconds could prove to be very exciting, and I’m not too sure how I want to play them. I can feel a sort of ecstasy in the tension. As it builds, I keel over just a bit, clenching my fists, fighting to keep control of the smirk spreading across my face.
“Not yet,” I mutter.
Meanwhile, I can hear the dial tone ring, over and over.
Finally, she opens the door. “I can’t reach Mark.” I keep my smile light—brow furrowed just a bit, lips pulling up just a bit at the corners. “Well, you know Mark,” I say casually. “Just like him to not be there when you call.”
She frowns. “Not really. In fact,--"
“Are you sure?” I ask. As I do, I let a little of that ecstasy reach her, like flicking a stone into a pond; it’s not the divine ambrosia, but more a palette cleanser…. She should be so lucky…
Susan pauses, thinking. Then:
“Actually, this is just like him. Come in, Peter.” She opens the door wider. As I pass by her, I catch a whiff of her scent—beneath all the bullshit, and even the lingering stench of Mark upon her skin, I can glean just how ripe and….
Well, it figures that bastard brother of mine would end up with someone like her.
“Mark will probably be here any minute,” I say. “Can we wait in the dining room?”
So, in I go. We gather around the table—me, Susan, Jace, Bethany. While I can appreciate the beauty of a woman like Susan, her lovely children are marred with Mark’s filthy genetics. I can see him every time I look at them. Nonetheless, I keep my face nice and pleasant toward them. I wish I could say the reverse is true. Jace barely regards me at all. When he does look at me, his face is blank, almost like he’s staring through me. And Bethany? Her eyes are wide, her mouth and jaw tight. She’s hardly scooted up to the table. Such brats.
Susan’s still the worst. A combination of Jace’s disrespect, and Bethany’s fear. She won’t make eye contact with me, and hasn’t said anything since we all sat down. In fact, none of them have. I have to wonder if this is how they treat all their guests.
Or maybe just me.
The corners of my vision get darker and darker as I take them in. There’s a rush of delicious delirium in my crown. Looking at this family in this glorious palace of a house, I have to wonder how many people Mark cheated, and more than that, how many dirty lies he told his family about me. They all have some nerve. Still, I keep my cool in the face of their audacity. I pull at my collar a little bit, keeping the smile on my face. I’m not going to let them see me sweat.
“So,” Susan says at last. “When did you say Mark was getting here?” “Should be arriving any minute,” I say. “He must be having a helluva time at the pizza place.” “W-which one?” Bethany asks. She’s looking at the table as she speaks. “Excuse me?” I set my hands on the edge of the table, lean over it. There’s a bit of buzzing in my ears. It’s warm and heady. “What did you say?” She still won’t look at me. In fact, I can see her eyes shimmering with tears. “Which pizza place?”
This brat. I hadn’t bothered to look into pizza places in the area.
Susan and Jace are looking at me now. Disdain turns into suspicion. The weight of their vision on me makes me feel even hotter. I reach up and place my fingers on my forehead, scratching my eyebrow with the pad of my thumb.
“Well?” Susan asks. Past my fingers I can see her pulling out her phone to dial Mark again. The kids are getting antsy.
“Now now,” I say. “Everyone just calm down.”
And they do, for a bit. We can all hear the long low tones of Susan’s phone as it dials. Susan hadn’t noticed it before…
…..perhaps if she hadn’t been so rude as to shut the door in my face, she would have. Then again, closing the door on me was actually the correct choice.
We can hear Mark’s ringtone. All eyes come back to me as the sound fills the room.
Smiling, I reach into by back pocket. By now the warmth, the buzzing, the sweet taste in my mouth all these sensations crawl to new heights. I savor it as long as I dare. Then, I pull Mark’s phone from my pocket and set it on the table, where it continues to ring.
I put on my best frowny face. “I don’t think he’s going to pick up.”
Before my eyes, all three of them fall apart. Bethany’s ugly little face twists into this scrunched up, red, teary mess as she begins sobbing uncontrollably. Jace’s eyes widen as he stares at the phone and he begins to tremble. He’s slowly rising from his seat, fingers clenched on the table. Fear? Anger? I can’t tell, but it’s absolutely fucking scrumptious. My mouth waters.
Oh, but Susan…
Tears are pouring down her rapidly reddening face as she looks at me. Her eyes narrow, her jaw sets, and I am absolutely bathing in her unadulterated hatred. And for a second…
For one precious second….
… I think I understand Mark. If anyone had told me being hated felt this good… these warm, warm waves washing over me… thrilling like an endless parade of jolting in my nerves like I’ve grabbed a live wire… comforting a warm cup of cocoa on a cold winter morning--
“What did you do?!” she shrieks.
I just look at her and laugh. And I keep laughing. That warm budding feeling in my stomach rises up into my chest, and it feels like my limbs are on fire. My vision is really getting hazy now and everything is warped at the edges. The chandelier above flickers and sways about.
It's so exhilarating, so intoxicating, I almost forget to hit ‘Record’.
The heat fills my mouth, and as I double over, cackling, IT comes pouring out; dry ice, if such were black and hot. The mist spills onto the floor and billows about the room. As the pooling darkness comes into contact with Mark’s family, it swirls into tendrils that lash their way up their hapless bodies. The darkness has filled much of the room. I can see less and less—
But I feel so much more.
I can taste the anguish as it bleeds out of them. Their fear is sweeter than the finest honey, and their rage is perhaps the most savory, satisfying thing I have tasted in a long, long time. The blackness spreads over their bodies, a mold, a rust, a rot. It crams its way down their throats, clawing and squirming, creating these sickening bulges beneath their skin.
And sure, they struggle. Oh, do they struggle. They try to grasp the shadows, but their fingers slip right through, coming away burnt and bloody. They cough and wheeze, but the demon has taken purchase. Yes, they are bought and paid for in every sense of the word.
I lose myself to the heady haze, staggering about like I’ve killed a bottle of jack and chased it with tequila. I reel across the table while they thrash about on the floor. I can’t help but laugh as they sob, and even more madly so while they choke. Serves them--serves him—right. The more they writhe, the better I feel. In fact, as they are gasping their final breaths, their bodies still except for the occasional twitch and jerk, I find my mind rising into a plateau of clear calm.
I feel fresher than I have in decades. Strong. Capable. I flex my fingers, looking about at the shadows that roil about the dining room floor. In that darkness I can see the demon, and it stares back into me. It doesn’t have a mouth to smile, but I can feel its pleasure, sure as my own.
“Well?” I ask.
Correct, mortal. The darkness begins to congeal. As it coalesces and crawls up my body, I end the recording on Mark’s phone. I take a deep breath, inhaling my business partner back into my body. I pick up the phone and start towards the front door, stepping over Susan’s corpse as I slide the mobile into my pocket.
“Thanks for dinner.”
It filled me in a way I had never known before, even as the darkness coiled around my body and began forcing its way down my throat.
It’s not so bad like this, is it?
In the eye between the raging tempest of painful hatred and the calming love, ecstasy and fulfillment, my mind cleared for just a second.
“It isn’t bad. But what if you had a better deal?”
A bargain?
It sounded curious for the barest second.
No. You will die here. Nothing personal.
“If it isn’t personal, then you have nothing to lose by hearing me out. You’re gonna eat me anyway.”
Oh I WILL eat you. But…. Speak…..
“You hole up in my body. Let me live my life. When I die, you can savor me as much as you like.”
Does not seem much a bargain when I can devour you now.
“I’ll pick out other people for you to feast on. Trust me, you’ll be very well fed. So, your choice. One paltry meal now, and then you’re back to square one for another few decades. Or, come with me and you’ll get sustenance—”
And here we are.
The basement is as dingy and dirty as I left it. The bulb flickers on, painting everything a dull red.
“Hello Mark.”
My brother, bound and gagged, writhes in a slow agony. He stares up at me from the floor, eyes filled with tears, dread. His expression tastes even sweeter than his soul—and that’s surprisingly delicious for belonging to a bastard such as he.
Bad people taste best, it reminds me.
“--and someday, we’ll come back here—"
I set down the phone in front of him. His eye bulge as I play the video. The one of his family. As they die again on screen, Mark begins screaming into his gag, and there’s the most invigorating spike of ecstasy in the agonizingly slow trickle of death we are drawing from him.
“They’re all dead now. And yes. They suffered. But not like you will.”
“--and finish what we started.”
And, I think to myself, Not like I will.
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2022.01.20 07:27 niuz-bot Parlamentul Republicii Moldova a instituit starea de urgenţă în sectorul energetic / Gazprom s-ar putea să sisteze livrarea de gaze - [Analize]

Parlamentul Republicii Moldova a instituit joi starea de urgenţă în sectorul energetic, transmite Agerpres, care citează Radio Chişinău. Măsura va fi în vigoare timp de… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/parlamentul-republicii-moldova-a-instituit-starea-de-urgenta-in-sectorul-energetic-gazprom-s-ar-putea-sa-sisteze-livrarea-de-gaze.html
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2022.01.20 07:27 Certain_Cicada Is there something wrong with my American bullfrog's eyes?

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2022.01.20 07:27 Decent-Turn533 NF Bees.. what do you think? I'm thinking of creating my own collection with different variants and stuff. I'm just looking for your opinions on the design style 😊

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2022.01.20 07:27 niuz-bot Colac de salvare financiară: România face primul pas pentru acordarea unui ajutor nerambursabil de 100 de milioane de euro Republicii Moldova - [Analize][Republica Moldova]

Guvernul României a aprobat Memorandumul pentru negocierea şi semnarea Acordului între Guvernul României şi Guvernul Republicii Moldova prin care Chișinăul va primi din partea Bucureștiului… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/colac-de-salvare-financiara-romania-face-primul-pas-pentru-acordarea-unui-ajutor-nerambursabil-de-100-de-milioane-de-euro-republicii-moldova.html
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2022.01.20 07:27 paloskii Hi! I'm Edward Steward one of the devs working on MetaChess! Our team is creating the first blockchain-based chess game where users can monetize their gaming experience with PAWN - the main utility token of the platform.

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2022.01.20 07:27 Downtown-Sandwich513 For those who are in the stage they know they’re skinny but still think they are fat, how would you explain the way you think you are fat?

I think for me it is that I see myself as wide. I know I’m skinny because my bones are visible (and because people say I am) but I still think I look fat because I feel like I’m wide and probably because I focus on the parts that stores more fat.
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2022.01.20 07:27 niuz-bot SUA au dat undă verde statelor baltice să trimită arme americane în Ucraina - [Analize]

Departamentul de Stat al SUA a autorizat Lituania, Letonia și Estonia să trimită în Ucraina rachete și alte arme de fabricație americană, au declarat trei… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/sua-au-dat-unda-verde-statelor-baltice-sa-trimita-arme-americane-in-ucraina.html
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2022.01.20 07:27 UnshiftedToast My full collection after a bit over a year of collecting, started with sas and went into other lines

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2022.01.20 07:27 DogeNoob3000 Moon Mug 300 Dogecoin experimenting with products & doge. Coffee carrier 400 doggy coin email me or reply here to hash out details. I'm new here trying to jump on the train

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2022.01.20 07:27 serigraphcoffee INTER GIRLS (Pre-Debut) - HIM Magazine January 2022 Issue (Photo Teasers)

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2022.01.20 07:27 Daegu11 gipsy danger vs knife head,leatherback

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2022.01.20 07:27 robotnick46 Django Your Own Way (2022) | Free Films from a Free Filmmaker (Documentary)

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2022.01.20 07:27 ClientNo8533 ההגדרה ל: npc next level

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2022.01.20 07:27 shanabailey Xiaomi 11T 8/256GB 5G Global for 449.00 USD with coupon (Best price in history: $449)

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2022.01.20 07:27 BelleAriel Racist Angry Sea Turtle looks way to happy to be standing in front of that flag.

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2022.01.20 07:27 zandubear Mistaking BPD for ROCD? /venting

Hi everyone! I’m new here (undiagnosed and trying my hardest to access help), so hopefully I’m not breaking any rules. In the past (I, at the time 21, was in an extremely loving relationship where the guy almost overcompensated with things to reassure me but I would still ‘split’ and severely fluctuate from adoring him to being disgusted. The longest split (which at the time I thought was ROCD) and I’m now realizing might have been BPD lasted for about 7 months where my feelings extremely fluctuated, and I would often dissociate or resent him, then suddenly be really loving again. It led to me eventually being the one to break it off during a severe dissociative episode.
Now fast forward I’m dating another guy with whom (although some nuances we have worked out from getting to know eachother more), are hopefully on the verge to a healthier relationship. It seems though as the honeymoon phase wore off and things are more stable now than they were before my “BPD” symptoms have aggravated. He does try to reassure me but I obviously can’t expect him to be there whenever I need for reassurance (this is my rational side talking), but when I experience a severe breakdown I get extremely agitated and the emotions/thoughts/actions/perceived scenarios are indescribable.
I’m wondering if maybe in the past what I suspected was ROCD was actually more so BPD? I’d also like to add with my previous relationship I also had ‘fears of abandonment’ which during the honeymoon phase manifested in me constantly testing him to see how much he liked me (I.e: pushing him to answer questions like if he would be happier with someone else more _____ or ___)
I’m just so confused and any advice you can give me to help me from stop sabotaging my relationship would be great
Also I’d like to mention I live with family so openly discussing therapy/seeking therapy virtually is not an option because I have absolutely no privacy.
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2022.01.20 07:27 berightbackbroskis please help

im locked inside my room because i have covid and im bored out of my mind. i have only been here for less than 24 hours and have to be here 6 more day
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2022.01.20 07:27 watcher-on-the-wall8 Stormtroopers in Novigrad (just the rain and light)

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2022.01.20 07:27 Cicerothesage Grandma needs to work on her paragraph structure.

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2022.01.20 07:27 FaZePabloEscobar69 I jut took a fat shit

Bottom text
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2022.01.20 07:27 herriot126 Question

I know I’m gonna get downvoted to hell and back but I sincerely want to know and understand.
I haven’t played the tcg/ocg in YEARS and spent a few hours learning the new summonings, meta decks, what beatsticking is, etc. Currently I find using pendulums a lot of fun.
I understand the game and player base has changed. But the whole having a deck that special summons for 5 mins straight in order to get a card with 8000 atk that can’t be destroyed by anything in order to curb stomp your opponent in 1 turn…how is that fun?
You’re literally just playing the same cards over and over and over again on each opponent with the outcome rarely ever changing. I know eventually I myself am gonna have to get to that point myself in order to continue playing the game but I don’t see myself…enjoying that? idk. But if I can get some genuine answers as to how the tcg evolved into and what makes doing that enjoyable maybe I can change my perspective. Although at the end of the day I’m just one person so it doesn’t really matter what I think lol but I’m just really curious.
Hope everyone’s enjoying the game in their own way!
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2022.01.20 07:27 Anxiety_bunni A Picrew Inspired Redraw

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2022.01.20 07:27 Somedvde Hot take: Phase 2 was better than the helmets/armors that came after it, go back to that, was already perfect

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