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Kraken X15F - (Intel NUC X15 reseller)

2022.01.20 07:56 patgeo Kraken X15F - (Intel NUC X15 reseller)

Bought this laptop and it arrived a few days ago.
It uses the same Intel NUC x15 body as the XPG Xenia 15, but mine has a FHD 240hz screen a slower SSD and 1x16gb ram, which is a fairly slow spec as well. Related review link:

I'm really not sure how I feel about it TBH. The price was great for a 3070 gpu, but I'm getting inconsistent performance and the thermals on idle are terrible (more on that later)
The laptop itself appears to be well built, with no branding or stickers. Everything is a single shade of black and looks quite nice. Metal body feels study with very little flex, screen can be flexed easily as it is quite thin and plastic. The hinges stand up well to typing while having the device on my lap and no wobble is evident unless I shake the device.
Temperatures out of the box are bad, idling at 70 degrees C bad. Mine was bugged out of the box and the service that controls the power and fans wasn't spinning them at all. I had to reinstall the software and service, it was reaching over 50 degrees C at the keyboard according to my IR temp gun, it was very uncomfortable to touch. The base hit 60 degrees.
After reinstalling the software and service, the temperatures still hits 60 just typing this review, but the keyboard is only 40 degrees in the centre now. That’s with a 50mv undervolt (the maximum allowed by the bios). Fans refuse to go above 1400rpm until its in the mid 70's. Really wish they'd given some control over these so we could choose to run a bit cooler for some noise. This seems to match up with the review from Jarrod's tech so I'm assuming it is normal for the device.
Under stress (cinebench r23) in Benchmarking mode the CPU hits 94 degrees C but the chassis and keyboard are actually cooler than at idle. It would benefit greatly from being able to customise the fan profiles to idle cooler IMO as the keyboard and palm rests are a little too warm for my liking while typing this. The only option to boost the fans is benchmarking mode that puts them at full 5500rpm.
Screen is acceptable, not terribly bright, but bright enough. Colours are ok.
Light coil whine when on battery, seems to be related to the backlit keyboard and only audible with no background noise and ear to the machine. Others who bought the same model have reported more noise.
Trackpad and keyboard are quite nice and feel study. Keys are a little clacky and remind me of my Cherry browns on my Logitech mechanical, but they seem to need to be pressed all the way in to function, no light typing here and I keep missing spaces since I'm used to a bit less travel for keys to register. Overall, a good experience and I could use it to type as my only device quite easily.
The parts the company adds are:
Memory: Kingston RAM 16gb
Timing: 22-22-22-52
Dual Rank
SSD: Kingston SKC2500M81000G
These are quite a bit worse than the XPG model, but this is also selling for $2000 AUD (around $1450USD) and is the cheapest 3070 unit available that I could find. Refurbished Alienwares go for $2200+ and Lenovo Legion 5 is around $2500 local.

The laptop controls it's power levels and fans via 4 performance modes.
Most of my tests I'm doing in Benchmarking mode for maximum performance.
Performance mode limits the GPU to 125W and on the CPU PL1 is 65W PL2 is 90W
Benchmarking unlocks the 145W on the GPU and PL1 is 100W, PL2 is 110W.
Balanced and Battery saver further limit both, I can test them and report back if anyone cares.
3D Mark:
Port Royal: 6186
Time Spy:
Balanced Mode: 8544, GPU: 8916, CPU: 6912
Performance Mode: 9452, GPU:9811, CPU: 7829
Benchmarking Mode:: 9949, GPU: 10434, CPU: 7875
Benchmarking Mode on External Screen: 10314, GPU: 10619, CPU: 8872
CPU Profile:
The CPU seems to be performing terribly during these tests, in Performance mode it is reaching 90W when boosted, but in Benchmarking mode it is capping out at 85W. I'm guessing this has something to do with the GPU being 145W (sits around 138W while testing) and only leaving ~85W for the CPU. The power brick is rated to 230W. The temperatures max out at 84 degrees during the tests which is cooler than when gaming.
Cinebench R23 MultiThreaded: 12651
This seems to be fairly well in line with CPU expectations and the CPU is reaching 100W while testing this. It also sits on about 94 degrees during testing bouncing off the thermal throttle.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider:
Check under the images for which performance mode was enabled, all tested with external screen.
Forza 5:
Benchmark mode – Internal screen
Tomb Raider was bouncing off the thermal throttling, but Forza ran a bit cooler, need to retest Forza on the external as it seems a bit lower than other 3070's and didn't seem to change between benchmarking, performance and balanced mode at all other than an increased stutter count. This model does not have a mux switch leading to slower results on the internal screen.

Other games I've played seem to have no trouble playing smoothly maxxed out but I didn't bother benchmarking them. I upgraded from an Alienware 15 R3 with a 1060 and i7 7700HQ and it is so nice going to 'set everything to max and play' mode. I'm sure there are new games out there I haven't got yet that might bring it to it's knees or I could lower the settings to use that sweet high refresh rate, but for now I'm happy with my eyecandy.

SSD Benchmark:
SEQ1M Q8T1: Read 3356.22MB/s Write 2571.89
SEQ1M Q1T1: 2648.41/1855.67
RND4K Q32T1: 559.11/451.23
RND4K Q1t1: 53.36/120.10

Battery I haven't really given a good test on yet, but just browsing the net and downloading games it drained to 10% in 2 hours with low brightness and battery saver on. But I was still having issues with the power states and fan profiles not working correctly at that time. Typing the review with nothing in the background has drained 20% in about 45 minutes tonight.

I'm happy with the device, it runs hotter than I'd like but it able to maintain performance despite hitting the thermal throttle, the fans do fine in benchmarking mode where they never slow down but they respond really slowly in the normal modes leading to higher temps than it should reach if these were more aggressive. I'll grab myself a decent cooling pad.

Performance is reasonably in line with what you'd expect for a non MUX 3070 with the i7 11800H and full performance is reached when using an external screen.

I'll probably chuck in some faster ram to go to 32gb some time in the future and might grab a big pcie 4.0 SSD but those are a while off.
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2022.01.20 07:56 AlternativePea3636 I need help!

What should i do after nearly 2 month break from blender?I want come back to it, and what should i do, only thing i completed is donut and a few more things . Any tutorials? I'd like to learn sculpting, so maybe a begginer sculpting tutorial?
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2022.01.20 07:56 theholyterror1 A fun side scroller city building game. Collect coins, bill defenses, and recruit units, and so much more. The Art is just amazing and the game is over all fun.

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2022.01.20 07:56 PickleKnown Did Kareena ruined Bipasha and Amisha’s career?

Did they not get enough opportunities because of Kareena since Kareena hated them a lot?
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2022.01.20 07:56 MinasTirith8 The differences between Judo and Ju Juitso?

If anyone could outline the differences for me, that would be extremely helpful. I'm not sure which one would be better for me.
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@ERGkleure: Last Circle of Collection 4! Only in @ergoplatformorg ❤️ https://t.co/AWiDkKju12 #ERGkleure #ErgoNFT #ENFT #Ergonauts #NFTartists #NFT #NFTart #nftcollector #NFTCommunity #Ergo2Top10 #WomeninNFTs #WomenInCrypto https://t.co/5fZGeaBoAb submitted by sigmanaut_ to ErgoNFTs [link] [comments]

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Learn more about JWT authentication in Laravel, how to create new custom guards, issue and verify JWT tokens manually, and much more from this detailed tutorial below.
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2022.01.20 07:56 tpatt83 What do you call a king’s rabbit?

The hare to the throne
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2022.01.20 07:56 Swiftlover6 Drops of jupiter

I kinda want hilary duff to release her version of drops of jupiter now. Like she just sang 2 to 3 lines but i love her voice and i really want her to release her version
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2022.01.20 07:56 DavidCopperTopp Have a slave coming round tomorrow afternoon and need ideas bros!

Like the title says, I have a sub guy coming round tomorrow and he wants me to use him as my under desk slave for the whole afternoon while I'm working.
I have a few ideas in how to make use of him but I really wanna make sure he has a great time.
We've already agreed he'll be on his knees the whole time, not allowed to get up once he arrives. He has to keep my cock wet and warm at all times, either in his mouth or ass. Going to use him as a footrest under my desk and ask him to suck and lick my feet clean I have some toys he will be sitting on and using while he's under my desk I'll be pissing into a glass and he can drink from that
Is there anything else you guys can think of that he would enjoy? I'm fairly new to being a dom and I want to make sure we both have fun and want a repeat
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2022.01.20 07:56 shatteredmatt Sometimes the placement of posts on this sub is too perfect.

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2022.01.20 07:56 akantyphilosopher A couple events that were either glitches or coincidences. You tell me.

I want to preface this by saying I’m not a spiritual person and I rely heavily on logic however because of logic I believe we don’t know everything. I also stay away from this stuff because the idea of parallel realities and a “matrix” for lack of a better word makes me want to throw up. Since hearing more about these glitches it made me think of a few things.
In 2020, I had a missing food problem. One day an old friend who I hadn’t seen in a while brought over a box of a dozen donuts. She had one, I had like half of one donut and my boyfriend had one. We leave the box closed in the kitchen, she went home and my boyfriend and I went out. We came back home a few hours later. I opened the box, walked away eating a donut until I realized - there were now only 3 donuts left. Immediately I texted her asking how many she ate to double check if there were really missing donuts. (I have a screenshot of this I could find if someone wanted it). Our doors were locked when we left and came back and no one else was home. It sounds so silly, about 9ish missing donuts. But whatever.
Until it happened again! I made some lasagne, I was the only one home. I know I ate like a 1/4 of the lasagne because I remember it being one of those frozen ones and it just wasn’t that good. I left it on the counter. Went out for whatver reason and came home to it fully eaten. Again, I was home alone (I lived with my boyfriend) so I locked the doors before I left for obvious reasons. This time I immediately got a knife, called my parents to come to my house and check if we had an intruder. We thought maybe there was someone living in the attic. We checked and nope. (Thankfully lol)
I have 2 tables in the centre of my living room. One has flowers on it the other has a sculpture. Nothing that really sticks out. Im kind of obsessive about keeping my house clean so everything is in order. One day a few weeks ago, im walking around my living room and stop. I get this super bad feeling, like when the hairs on your neck stand up. I just get the feeling that something is off as I look at my table. And then after about a minute I realize that the sculpture and vase have been switched. Let me make it extremely clear that I NEVER move the placement as the flowers block the view of the tv from the couch so I put it on the left side all the time. Weird, but whatver I can’t think about it too long otherwise I’ll throw up, I’m not kidding I’ve seen too many paranormal things in my childhood.
This one I’m at a loss of words for. I had broken up with my boyfriend, and he had moved out. I was depressed and decided to redecorate my entire house to make me feel better. I always knew I wanted a bar cart. I find this super unique bar cart for sale, 5 hours away and super expensive for my budget. But I decided I’m going to get it. Why? Because it was a vintage/antique bar cart from the 70s and it was extremely unique. It was brass and had specific markings on it. I SCOURED the internet looking for this goddamn bar cart because I wanted it so bad. I ended up telling the seller I’ll make the drive but was waiting to confirm. I was waiting for a friend to confirm if she wanted to come with me. When she answered, I texted the seller and ten minutes before they confirmed it to someone else. I really can’t tell you how devesated I was, and it sounds so dumb but I’m just one of those people who get their heart set on things. I was willing to drive 5 hours and spend like $500 on this thing. Exactly one month later (I can’t make this up), I’m leaving my house to go grocery shopping. I drive two minutes from my house and like a video game, I see almost like this animated glimmer in the corner of my eye. It literally looked like that sparkle emoji. It was a woman putting that exact bar cart out on the side of the road. I made the quickest uturn in the middle of the street and drove into her driveway. I offered her money for it and she said it was trash, that I could have it. The. exact. same. one. I know this because I saw the tiny subtle markings from in my car. 2 min from my house and for free. Honestly you can rationalize this however you like, I just know that this isn’t a common bar cart.
And then basic common stuff, like your favourite clothes that you had out on your bed just disappear. 2 memorable dreams in my entire life that felt a little too real for comfort. 1 dream that showed up on my social media a week later. Premonitions, predicting deja vu before I get it (I feel like that’s rlly common), And holy shit I just remembered three other big instances that I could talk about but this is getting too long sorry, I’ll make another post.
My entire life everything has always worked out in ways that they probably shouldn’t have. On the flip side, I can think of at-least 5 instances where I should’ve died. And this whole sub has me feeling like I might’ve haha.
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